North Lanarkshire Council - unlocking new revenue from business rates.

Working in partnership with North Lanarkshire Council and Snook to increase revenue from business rates, publish better data and reduce Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.  

Using USMART's data analytics we matched records from various open data sources to create the best possible open dataset for Non Domestic Rates whilst reducing the need for FOI responses.

Using USMART Data Insights Platform we were able identify business rates fraud using our specifically developed analytics and machine learning algorithms.  

USMART saves and makes you money!

  • USMART helps you to identify and target rates not currently on your valuation roll.

  • Uses your Council’s data securely and combines with other open data sets and APIs.

  • Can also automatically publish an open and public version of the valuation roll dataset saving you time for one of the most popular Freedom of Information requests.

The project also aimed to create an approach that could be replicated in other areas and inform the overall data publication strategy for the Council. As well as automating the publication of a zero risk high quality open datasets and internal secure datasets that included personal information not for public release.   

The Results

  • The automated publication of data, both open and closed.

  • Reduced costs of Freedom of Information requests and monthly updates.  

  • Identify and target rates not currently on the valuation roll.

  • Created a simple data toolkit to help organisations asking themselves, “Where do I start?”

    • What do we need to know before we start?

    • How do we make a plan?

    • How do we reduce the risks for my organisation?

    • How do we demonstrate value?

    • How do we choose which service to start with?

    • How do we go about publishing data and evaluate the approach?

  • Download the FREE toolkit here to help you with your data strategy.

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Why you need USMART

  • Reduced budgets requires local authorities to improve legitimate revenue generation - USMART has been proven to identify over £1 per head of population in missed rates. Example; for a Council size of 500,000 that’s about £750,000 in potential missed revenue.

  • Freedom of Information requests continue to increase - using USMART means you can automatically publish an open data set as we only publish data matched with Companies House, Charities and similar datasets already in the public domain.