Collaboration and building partnerships

Our smart cities and data specialisms have allowed us to collaborate with larger companies - bringing our niche expertise to bear on larger projects. In the case of our work with Jacobs for Welsh Government, we drew on our previous experience working with Scotland’s 7 cities to get a landscape view of current and planned projects in Neath Port Talbot with a low carbon agenda.

Understanding what projects are planned, commenced or an aspiration

We carried out a huge survey to find out from stakeholders what was going on, what was planned and what aspirations existed. We analysed the responses to pull out opportunities for demonstrator projects in a report, which are currently being considered for a Phase 2. The next phase will build on project outlines to make business cases for planning and potential implementation. In response to the project ideas developed and the final report.

this is a quality product that will act as a catalyst to help progress the potential projects from conceptual ideas through to detailed business case proposals within the wider strategic developments taking place in the county
— Christopher Jones - Energy Manager for Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council

Working with Jacobs, Welsh Government and Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council was a true collaboration bringing small and large consultancies together with a mixture of smart energy, low carbon and circular economy practitioners. We wanted to ensure the output of our work was not just recommendations for a new set of projects but identified where ongoing work would align with policy objectives and could be brought together.  

Ultimately the Council would like to change resource consumption habits and become smarter in its approach to reaching carbon reduction targets across a range of areas.

Here at UrbanTide we believe smart living in smart cities significantly contributes to low carbon consumption and improved sustainability - and we are proud to have contributed to Neath Port Talbot’s journey to becoming smarter.