September is over and we are also finished with our first round of open data training courses for Irish public sector bodies. During the training, we help participants develop confidence and competence in the growing open data ecosystem. The wide variety of courses gives participants a 360-degree view of the open data world.

Here are the numbers:

  • 3 UrbanTide trainers
  • 4 full-day workshops
  • Countless slides
  • 24 hours of interaction and discussion
  • 29 participants
  • 10 different public sector bodies
  • High satisfaction rate

Key takeaways:

At the end of the training, participants gained a better understanding and deeper insight into various topics, including; the basics of open data, anonymisation methods, linked data and data visualisation techniques and tools.

Participants were also keen to explore the resources, try the tools and implement some of the data management methods they learned about during the training.

Good balance between presentations and discussions, the course moved at a good pace and very good examples were given”

”Course was a very useful overview about open data”

”Open data is a valuable way to get the word out about the work that we carry out and how we can make stakeholders & public life easier”

”Among other things, I now have a better understanding of standards, metadata and data audits

In case you’ve missed the September workshops, we have new dates coming up in October and will then be scheduling more courses later in 2017 and 2018, based on demand.

The new October dates

You can now register for the following full-day training sessions in Dublin city-centre:

  • Tuesday 17th of October 2017: General Overview on Open Data (Broad Training)
  • Wednesday 18th of October 2017: Application of the Open Data Technical Framework (User Group Training)
  • Wednesday 25th of October 2017: Anonymisation Techniques & Linked Data (User Group Training)
  • Thursday 26th of October 2017: Data Analytics & Visualisation (User Group Training)

Due to the high-level of interest so far places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, so hurry up and grab your place!

For more information on the various training options, next steps or to register interest in case you didn’t find a suitable date please visit our Ireland training page or the Office of Government Procurement (OGP) website.

The costs

  • General Overview on Open Data broad training is €108.33+VAT per person (min 20 people, max 30 people)
  • Application of the Open Data Technical Framework, Anonymisation Techniques & Linked Data and Data Analytics & Visualisation user group training is €216.67+VAT per person. (min 10 people, max 15 people)

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at UrbanTide if you have any queries or need more information at this stage.  Also, if you would prefer training within your own organisation or the dates above don’t suit then please just get in touch and we would be very happy to discuss further.

We are really looking forward to working with you all as part of the ambitious Open Data Ireland Initiative.