Department for Housing, Planning and Local Government - USMART provides a simple open data publication platform.

Using USMART's data analytics we matched records from various open data sources to create the best possible open dataset for Non Domestic Rates whilst reducing the need for FOI responses.

The Department for Housing, Planning and Local Government is using USMART to publish over 250 open datasets. The Department previously released this data using their web services and created an API to federate the data to In 2018 the Department decided to migrate its data to USMART to manage the process and publication.


The Results

  • Multiple publisher users profiles allow the cascading of the publication process across the organisation.

  • Dataset workflow management allows for the planned release of data and managerial sign-off.

  • Automated federation to using USMART’s DCAT JSON API endpoint to increase the audience for open data re-use.

  • Attribution of the relevant publication data licence for open data publication in Ireland.

Why you need USMART for your open data platform

  • Trusted sharing - USMART allows you to share datasets or subsets of datasets with only those you want to share it with, including closed data for internal use, shared data with trusted partners and open data as part of a more comprehensive open data strategy.

  • Real-time - USMART has a configurable and super simple functionality to consume data published to an FTP location or from an FTP location enabling the automation of updates.

  • Building up a data picture - USMART allows new data in the same format to be added to existing datasets creating a more significant data asset and allowing for analysis over time.