Saving money with open data plus

Urban Tide, North Lanarkshire Council & Snook worked together to redesign a data-led service thanks to funding from the Open Data Institute.  

We used USMART, our data sharing platform to automate the publication of safe and improved open data and reduce public sector costs. 

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Reducing Carbon in Wales

UrbanTide worked with Jacobs, Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council (NPTCBC) and Welsh Government to establish the scope and viability of NPTCBC targets. Through a Demonstration Projects Study & Engagement Report, UrbanTide helped to identify credible options for projects as well as building and establishing best practices with key stakeholders.

> See Neath Port Talbot’s Smart journey.

Building Smart Communities for OPEN Glasgow's Engagement Programme

Before forming UrbanTide, the co-founders worked with Glasgow City Council and other partners across the public and private sectors to develop and deliver the OPEN Glasgow programme, 'putting people at the heart of Glasgow's future'.  

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Building IoT business cases

Widespread deployment of IoT is still a few years away. Future Cities Catapult identified that the business case for IoT was not at the time obvious or adequate for cities to deliver widespread implementation of these technologies. UrbanTide delivered a detailed analysis of the business case, demand and financial components including break-even analysis, opportunity costs, sensitivity analysis and how to leverage funding.

Read the full IoT Investment Toolkit case study

Smart Cities Standards

The Cities Standards Institute (CSI) is a British Standards Institute (BSI) and Future Cities Catapult (FCC) collaborated to bring together cities, key industry leaders and innovators to work together in identifying the challenges facing cities. the goal is to provide solutions to common problems and co-developing smart cities standards. UrbanTide continue to be actively involved in the development.

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Bristol’s Data Dome - one giant leap for open data


In partnership with ISO, we developed an immersive film visualising the hidden data stories of Bristol. The stories were brought to life inside the UK’s first state-of-the-art 4K stereo vision dome housed at At-Bristol Science Centre’s Planetarium.

This unique and visually stunning project was shortlisted for The O2 Next Generation Digital Challenge Award 2016.

Watch the Data Dome trailer and find out more. 

Business Cases for Scotland’s 8th City - The Smart City

In partnership with Scotland’s 7 cities (Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Perth and Stirling), we set out to co-ordinate one application for strategic intervention funding from the European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020.

We supported them to accurately capture the data and technology ambitions of all 7 cities, providing expertise in identifying user requirements, co-ordinating data and technology project proposals and establishing 4 key areas for co-ordinated development.

Discover how UrbanTide and Scotland’s 7 cities worked together to make a smarter Scotland. 

What is a Smart City?

smart cities maturity model

In partnership with the Scottish Government and the Scottish Cities Alliance, UrbanTide developed and applied our own unique “Smart Cities Maturity Model”. To be used for the planning, delivery, evaluation and ongoing development of a City to the true “Smart City” status. 

Based on international best practice including the first Smart Cities standard, PAS 181 from the British Standards Institution (BSI), as well as UrbanTide’s experience of Local Government delivery. 

It outlines five maturing levels that lead to an optimised Smart Cities approach. Download the condensed report and please get in touch to learn more about the project.


Building Smart City Capacity

Senior management in Perth, Stirling and Inverness authorities identified smart city learning as critical to the success of their smart city ambitions. Key challenges were to engage authority leadership, improve leadership’s understanding of smart city initiatives and the roles of data and how to leverage existing governance and processes for smart city funding and opportunities for change.

UrbanTide designed and delivered a Capacity Building Programme and Leadership Workshop, identified data values and benefits and supported the authorities in creating data priorities. Read the case study to discover how UrbanTide’s team provided smart city education and guidance for Perth, Stirling and Inverness.


The importance of Open Data 

OPEN Glasgow & Innovate UK

Open Data was identified as one of the key drivers in helping Glasgow to realise the vision to become the UK’s Smartest City. Glasgow wanted the benefits that Open Data provides in terms of innovation in the marketplace and improving transparency and accountability. 

Prior to the formation of UrbanTide, we delivered new policy documentation and business change processes that helped deliver significant success in the publication of Open Data and embed Open Data Principles. 

Read the full case study learn more about how UrbanTide’s founders supported Glasgow in becoming one of the smartest cities in the UK.

Data-Driven Decisions

OPEN Glasgow & Innovate UK

Glasgow identified the importance of data on the Smart Cities Journey and we supported the development of a new data platform to reap the huge benefits which data offers.

The solution was the delivery of the City Technology Platform to bridge the gap between communities and outcomes using data.  It comprised of core technical components including: Data collection services to integrate with existing back end operational systems. Using a cloud data storage services for a future proofed and scalable solution with data publication via API’s.

Read the full case study to learn more about this state-of-the-art Smart Cities data solution built for the future.

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