Joint initiative to develop practical standards

Smart cities maturity model - adapted for Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council

The Cities Standards Institute (CSI) is a British Standards Institute (BSI) and Future Cities Catapult (FCC) joint endeavour to bring together cities, key industry leaders and innovators to work together in identifying the challenges facing cities, providing solutions to common problems and co-developing market-required standards. 

Such a joint endeavour ensures that the standards developed are relevant to the commercial and technical requirements of all involved including citizens, cities, other public sector organisations, academia and small, medium and large businesses.

CSI's work involves driving forward the development of a coherent standardisation programme that accelerates growth in the smart cities market within the the UK and globally. 


PAS 181 Smart city framework - Guide to establishing strategies for smart cities and communities

Pippa Gardner, our CEO, was part of the working group to develop PAS 181 Smart City Framework; it is one of the first publicly available specifications published by BSI.

The guide was designed to provide a general overview and advise cities not just about what a smart city approach is but how to actually start implementing smart cities thinking within a city context.


PAS 182 Smart city concept model - Guide to establishing a model for data interoperability

Steven Revill, our COO, was part of the working group to develop the PAS 182 Smart City Concept Model. This provides a framework to normalise and classify information from many sources so that data sets can be discovered and combined to gain a better picture of the needs and behaviours of those who live, work and play within cities.

The Cities Standards Institute SME Working Group

UrbanTide is currently represented on the CSI SME Working Group, part of the governance to ensure that the UK standards development programme is relevant to all stakeholders who must come together to truly make smart cities happen.

UrbanTide's work in developing a Smart Cities Maturity Model in partnership with Scottish Government and the Scottish Cities Alliance is of direct relevance to this work.