USMART Utilities

USMART Utilities identifies new knowledge of the customer and how to more accurately meet their needs

USMART uses your data to save and make you money!

  • Our big data architecture consumes all data types

  • We use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to understand your data, and

  • Gain insights on customer behaviour to

    • Identify fuel poverty

    • Understand if customers need help with their heating systems

    • Highlight potential health risks and educate customers

    • Improve management of engineer visits

 Temperature and humidity analysis of real-time data showing improvement in home conditions over time.  

Temperature and humidity analysis of real-time data showing improvement in home conditions over time.  

What our customers say

We chose USMART because of its capabilities to act as secure central hub. Managing and sharing all the data assets in real-time
— Darren Stevens, Smartline Project Manager

USMART is provided as a big data sharing platform for SMARTLINE consuming real time data from 350 homes on gas usage, electricity usage, housing temperature, CO2 levels, humidity levels and water consumption creating a big data source that increases by over 1M data points per day.  

The UrbanTide and partners data science team analyse the datasets and illustrate new insight!

House image.png
  • Identify people in or at risk of fuel poverty
  • Highlight customer groups at risk of asthma
  • Increase energy consumption when relevant
  • Ensure customers know how to use their heating
  • Illustrate risk of damp and future repair savings
  • Reduce property visits and management costs

The data analytics findings provide information to decision makers who are able to use these findings as a base for targeted education campaigns to increase energy use where appropriate or lead to other positive interventions.

Why you need USMART

USMART enables you to create more value from your data by bringing data sources together.  We work with you to understand your data and develop your algorithms to create new and exciting Machine Learning insight.  Our architecture is also build for real-time data and is therefore completely scalable and reduces cost.