UrbanTide's Commitment to Security:

We are now officially ISO 27001 Certified!

November 29th, 2023

UrbanTide is delighted to announce that we’ve officially achieved our ISO 27001 certification – a globally recognised standard for information security management.

As a data business, we have always upheld the highest standard of internal practice when handling data and information security for our company and our customers. Achieving the ISO certification officially demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the systems we run are safe, secure and scalable.



Benefits of achieving ISO 27001 certification and what this means for UrbanTide

Going through the ISO process over the last six months has also brought new opportunities for the company's future and what we can offer our customers. Here’s some insight into the benefits that come with the certification:

  • Better data integrity, confidentiality, and availability - ISO 27001 ensures we have the right processes in place to ensure all data we manage is of the highest quality, is accessible safely and securely, and is resilient to cyber-attacks.

  • Improved data quality - By upgrading our data management processes also improves the quality of the data we hold and enables us to prepare for new threats.

  • Ensures company-wide resilience to cyber attacks - We achieved our Cyber Security certification in 2019 and have secured it yearly. However, achieving the ISO certification required a more holistic approach to ensuring organisation-wide protection.

  • Improves how the business operates - Achieving the ISO certification involved auditing and upgrading all our internal processes across every department. A byproduct of this was that the company is now leaner and more efficient than ever before.

  • An engaged and more efficient team - Completing the ISO process successfully required all team members to have a strong understanding of why the company was pursuing the certification and what the benefits would be. We found that the team were highly engaged throughout, improving our data security ethos and making the team more efficient.

  • Enables UrbanTide to scale more efficiently - With solid processes in place, this will allow UrbanTide to scale comfortably in the future.



 UrbanTide's Co-Founder, Stevie Revill, has led the process of earning our ISO certification over the last few months.

“Our entire ethos at UrbanTide is about helping businesses unlock data and use AI for good. By implementing ISO protocol across our entire operations at UrbanTide, we’re officially demonstrating our ability and commitment to upholding the highest standards in data security for our customers and partners.”

“We’re excited to see what new opportunities the future holds for us now that ISO is officially at the foundations of the organisation.”

– Stevie Revill, Co-Founder, UrbanTide



What ISO certification means for UrbanTide customers and partners

  • Demonstrates the integrity, quality and value of our products: ISO certification requires us to always adhere to strict quality standards and processes. For our customers, this means you can expect an even higher level of quality in our products.

  • Complete confidence in your data partner: Partnering with UrbanTide as an ISO-certified company means working with an organisation that always cares about ensuring the highest quality data management and security standards.

  • Reduced risk: ISO certification requires that we have a robust risk management process in place. This reduces the likelihood of disruptions, delays, or any safety issues that might impact you.

  • Full transparency: ISO certification strongly emphasises documentation and record-keeping, which enhances transparency across our operations. As a client, this transparency gives you greater insight into our processes and practices at UrbanTide.

  • More efficient processes: Implementing ISO at UrbanTide involved auditing and streamlining many of our operations. This means our processes are more efficient than ever, allowing us to offer our customers and partners an even better service.

  • Continuous improvement: ISO certification is reassessed annually, and as an organisation, we’re required to consistently monitor and continually improve our processes. Our senior management team will hold quarterly reviews to ensure standards are consistently upheld and to make any necessary improvements to ensure we retain our ISO certification every year.

  • Competitive edge: As auditing and continuous improvement are crucial to ISO recertification, a byproduct of this is that ISO-certified businesses are more likely to adapt to changing market conditions and technological advancements. This means UrbanTide’s data products will always remain competitive and ahead of the curve.

Contact us if you’d like to know more about UrbanTide’s commitment to data security across all our products.



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