We support organisations to tackle the key challenges of our time: climate change and mass urbanisation. We help businesses unlock their siloed cross-sector data and use AI to innovate their services. 



Finding innovation in new places

Unlocking energy data and linking this with a range of cross-sector data creates brand new insights that support organisations towards their net-zero targets. We have developed a range of solutions that unify data, including real-time IoT data from household smart meters.

We are currently developing unique AI solutions to reduce fuel poverty, enhance the liveability of our homes, and reduce energy use.

Energy Systems Catapult - Accelerating the transformation of the UK’s energy systems.  

We’re supporting Energy Systems Catapult in its mission to transform the UK’s energy systems. By unlocking energy data from across its portfolio of clean energy innovation projects, ESC can help UK businesses identify and capture opportunities for clean energy growth.

Social Connect - Unlocking data to identify and support fuel-poor households.

UrbanTide partnered with UK Power Networks (UKPN) and Energy Savings Catapult (ESC) on the Social Connect project. Through our powerful data insights platform, we integrate smart meter data with other sector data to clearly identify and support households most at risk of becoming fuel-poor.



Keeping people moving to the future

Our transport systems are undergoing a revolution, with new forms of mobility being developed every day. We are working with sensor providers and public bodies to unlock real-time travel data and provide unique insights that support transport development and planning.

Our goal is to help provide sustainable transport for everyone.

Cycling Scotland - Reducing emissions and improving health through active travel.

In partnership with Cycling Scotland, we built the Active Travel Open Data platform: a collaborative data source for all national cycling data in one place. By integrating cycle data from multiple transport partners across the country, Cycling Scotland gains an accurate, real-time understanding of active travel across Scotland.

Somerset Council - Investing in sustainable transport infrastructure.

Somerset Council uses uSmart to collect, process and share vast amounts of local traffic data. They use real-time travel data insights to create an evidence base to inform all transport infrastructure planning and improvement schemes. They are using data to develop new ways to become a carbon-neutral county.



Creating better and healthier homes

We’re working with organizations to combine household IoT data with data from other sectors to help them better understand how people live in and use their homes. These data insights help organisations target and improve support.

Smartline - Understanding how we use our homes with real-time energy data.

Through uSmart, Smartline has access to a big data insights platform that integrates real-time IoT data from homes across Cornwall. Tracking real-time household data allows Smartline to target education campaigns and innovations that decrease energy use and promote healthy living.

Sunderland City Council - Unlocking housing data insights that can save lives.

We provide Sunderland City Council with a broad range of datasets and insights that allow them to identify ageing households most at risk of fuel poverty and cold and damp home. uSmart gives SCC the data they need to efficiently plan support services and target care interventions.



Making communities safer with data

The government recognises the fundamental role that data and AI plays in delivering meaningful results on large-scale projects.

We are supporting a number of nationwide government-funded initiatives that use data and sophisticated AI to make homes and communities safer places to live.

DPER - Open Data Training for Public bodies in Ireland

UrbanTide is delighted to have been appointed as the sole supplier of open data training to all public bodies in Ireland, as part of the ambitious Open Data Ireland Initiative. Our workshops cover a range of topics from open data basics to data analytics, visualisations, linked data and anonymisation techniques

UKRI - Tackling the growing fuel poverty crisis with data.

UrbanTide is playing a key role in the drive to tackle fuel poverty in the UK. Using anonymised smart meter data and sophisticated AI solutions, we are supporting the national effort to accelerate retrofitting homes, tackle fuel poverty and reduce household CO2 simultaneously.

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