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uSmart is an AI and data innovation platform that enables organisations to unlock and integrate any data from any source. 


Global sustainability challenges are forcing organisations to unlock their siloed data. 

A new kind of data innovation platform.


Seamless data integration

uSmart can integrate any data from any source in real-time and with limitless scalability.

Our secure back-end technologies incorporate lakehouse architecture with automated data consumption pipelines to allow secure file transfer from legacy systems and validated APIs.


Secure data governance

UrbanTide is a Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited business.

All data is held securely and separately for every customer. Databases and files are encrypted both at rest and in transit using the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard.


Supervised data access

uSmart promotes secure and advanced data sharing (closed, shared and open data) to improve productivity and transparency within organisations.

All datasets are customisable with configurable metadata standards to promote greater reuse and a better understanding of the data.


Speedier queries and insights

uSmart offers intuitive data exploration with easy-to-use filtering and query language built with robust API integration.

This allows you to quickly access any required data and run the results with a fast time-to-insight cycle for more informed data-driven decision-making.


Superior data visualistions

uSmart comes with a number of ready-to-use data visualisations and mapping tools built to provide easy data-driven reporting and insight-sharing.

Data visualisations can be easily configured and adapted to support your organisation's current goals and objectives.


Scalable and built for AI

Our AI-ready pipelines enable uSmart to present automated AI analysis, feeding the dashboard insights and ensuring the latest data is available.

Through uSmart, you always have access to the raw data for validation and AI transparency of any data sources when you need it. 

Unlock AI's potential.
Scalable AI solutions designed to tackle global challenges head-on.


Identify and predict fuel poverty using big data

uZero is a powerful AI and data insights platform that maps, identifies and predicts fuel poverty. Through AI, we’re supporting local authorities, energy providers, housing associations, and social care providers to target solutions that save energy and reduce CO2.


Increase revenue collection from Non-Domestic Rates

Using advanced image analysis and machine learning, uReveal automatically spots fraud and missed revenue from NDRs. By combining a range of open datasets with satellite imagery and NDR valuation roll data, uReveal unlocks new revenue for public use. 


Monitor transport and improve active travel planning

uMove supports communities to better understand transport usage in their area. The platform integrates a range of travel data to provide an accurate, real-time view of active travel. This helps organisations predict travel patterns and plan for a more sustainable future.

Easy procurement.


RM6200 Artificial Intelligence
Crown Commercial Service


Lot 2: Cloud software
Crown Commercial Service


RM1043.8 Digital Outcomes 6 Digital Marketplace


Project 13898 - Internet of Things Dynamic Purchasing System
Public Contracts Scotland


Project 23070 - Digital Technology & Cyber Services Dynamic Purchasing System
Public Contracts Scotland


Open Data and Data Management for the Irish Public Sector

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