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uZero: Tackling the growing
fuel poverty crisis

6.7 million UK households are expected to experience fuel poverty in 2022.


That's 1 in 4 homes in the UK.

Introducing uZero

 Using data and powerful AI, we can better support fuel-poor households and accelerate the transition to net zero.


At your finger tips

uZero is a powerful AI and data insights platform that maps, identifies and predicts fuel poverty. 

By integrating anonymised real-time smart meter system data with multiple cross-sector datasets, uZero supports local authorities, housing associations, energy providers and social care providers to target solutions that will save energy, reduce CO2  and enhance the livability of our homes.



Fuel poverty area mapping. 

View local data in satellite maps or street view through a data dashboard securely hosted on the uSmart data innovation platform. uZero presents the probability results in an easy-view heatmap to help organisations identify areas at high risk of fuel poverty.


Filter data layering.

Users can layer and filter local data across selected areas. They can also export custom layers with APIs and raw data downloads for wider data integration with third-party systems.



Potential carbon savings.

AI and advanced machine learning predicts potential carbon savings and remediation costs across targeted areas. uZero enables organisations to assess the impact of targeted energy-efficiency measures over time.


Fuel poverty prediction.

uZero provides unique data intelligence by integrating anonymised smart meter system data with multiple cross-sector datasets and indicates areas with the highest risk of fuel poverty. The dashboard map view of area-based rankings for fuel poverty is based on a number of key indicators.


Currently our homes account for nearly 26% of CO₂ emissions

AI for good

5 benefits to help tackle fuel poverty


01. Effectively identify areas in fuel poverty

uZero makes it easier to identify areas in or at risk of falling into fuel poverty. This includes “hidden pockets” of households in fuel poverty and higher debt risk that would otherwise escape detection.


02. Provide better targeted support

uZero makes active targeting more efficient and early intervention more effective, providing higher returns on investment when running energy-efficiency campaigns and reduces future burden on other support services.


03. Identify priority areas for retrofitting

In cases where demand for retrofit measures outstrips the time or budget available, uZero will help identify where to prioritise delivery for maximum efficiency.


04. Improve uptake of efficiency schemes

uZero can support organisations to improve the uptake of efficiency schemes amongst fuel-poor households, leading to lower energy bills and improved comfort and wellbeing.


05. Create brand new insights

uZero can provide a ‘before and after’ comparison of the fuel poverty risk that can help organisations and their delivery partners better understand their programme’s success in genuinely reducing fuel poverty.

Data you can trust

UrbanTide works with a multidisciplinary team of expert partners to create meaningful results. Together, we are an expert consortium that can unlock data, validate AI and develop innovative tools that address public need.


Data Communications Company (DCC)

Operator of the smart meter system across England and custodians of the significant volumes of data this creates. DCC are enabling the use of data for public good - particularly in relation to achieving net zero targets and fuel poverty reduction.


University College London (UCL)

A world-leading academic organisation. UCL brings their extensive expertise on applied data analytics to the uZero project via the Smart Energy Research Lab (SERL). They verify uZero's data insights and support algorithm optimisation.


Connected Places Catapult (CPC)

Driving the adoption of technology and new innovation projects to create better places. Connected Places Catapult are experts in design-thinking and user research in this space. They lead these aspects of work for the uZero project.


Greater South East Energy Hub 

Working with public sector organisations and their stakeholders to support the development and financing of local energy projects. Improved uptake will accelerate the UK towards net zero targets and help reduce fuel poverty.

Beta testing partners

The following organisations participated in uZero's robust testing stage.


uZero report
Tackling the growing fuel poverty crisis with AI

Learn how uZero will help organisations overcome the barriers that currently prevent them from providing targeted support to fuel-poor households.

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