Delivering sustainable transport
and active travel planning with data


Transport is the largest global emitting sector


of all UK CO₂ emissions are from the transport sector

Introducing uMove


Single source of truth for all your data

uMove integrates real-time and historic transport data to help organisations better understand usage and travel patterns.

By creating a single source of truth for all transport, air quality and movement data, we can gain an accurate, real-time understanding of how people use our streets. uMove’s advanced AI enables organisations to predict future travel patterns so they can plan for a more sustainable future and meet net-zero targets.



Automated data validation

uMove automatically ingests, validates, converts and standardises all travel data. This enables organisations to baseline activity and analyse data trends (in transport, cycle, pedestrian and air-quality data) from multiple sources and view them on one single-source platform.


Bespoke data reporting

Transform transport data into usable insights by generating bespoke reports. Use uMove’s automated data visualisations to support funding applications, optimise sustainable transport planning and promote behavioural change.



Data sharing and collaboration

Easily share data access between teams, businesses, stakeholders and partners for ultimate transparency and collaboration. uMove works with open APIs, meaning data can be consumed internally or externally, and you can upload data from any source for analysis anytime, anywhere.


Continuous AI monitoring

Apply advanced AI to traffic data to predict future travel patterns and monitor environmental, health and community impact. Visualise changes as they happen and use data insights to evaluate and optimise ongoing infrastructure planning and investment.


Increasing active travel will cut 


of all global fuel consumption

AI for good

Build active and sustainable communities


01. Real-time transport data you can trust

uMove gathers real-time data from thousands of transport sensors across the UK. All data is automatically validated and standardised to create a reliable single source of truth.


02. Support infrastructure planning

uMove’s powerful AI allows users to predict future travel patterns and plan transport infrastructure around those insights to encourage more sustainable modes of travel.


03. Enable the development of new mobility solutions

The free flow of transport data is essential to developing mobility solutions and sustainable transport systems. As a centralised evidence base for transport data, uMove supports these innovations.


04. Boost efficiency and productivity

Data automation means teams spend less time on manual data cleansing and more time on taking action. uMove saves users time, money and resources.


05. Informed data driven decision making

uMove supports a data-driven approach to planning and decision-making, justified with evidence from a single-source of truth.


06. Accurate data insights for sustainable planning

Generate insights for behaviour change programmes and transport planning. Understand usage insights from cycling and walking data to reach decarbonisation targets.

Data you can trust

uMove integrates any data from any source, including a wide range of transport monitoring equipment. The technology enables organisations to baseline activity and develop trend analysis for investment planning on one platform.


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Using data and AI to build active, sustainable communities

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Reducing emissions and improving health with active travel.


Somerset Council

Reducing emissions and improving health with active travel

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