The transport sector accounts for one-fifth of global CO2 emissions. By investing in sustainable transport infrastructure, we can reduce road traffic and achieve carbon neutrality.



In 2019, Somerset Council pledged to work with partners across the county to identify ways to make Somerset carbon neutral by 2030.

Part of this commitment was to invest in sustainable transport infrastructure, improve transport efficiencies and reduce unintended congestion across the county.

To achieve these goals, Somerset Council needed access to accurate, real-time travel data that would inform decision-making and help them target investment where it was most needed.



Since 2019, Somerset Council has been using uSmart to collect, process and share traffic data across the county. They use this data as an evidence base to inform all transport infrastructure planning and environmental improvement schemes.

Using the uSmart platform, SC integrates a vast amount of traffic data from multiple sources, funnelling it through a single-source platform. Data is presented in a clear standard view, and our custom report generator makes it easy for users to create and share reports for use inside and outside the organization.




uSmart data insights platform hosts data from more than 4,000 traffic-monitoring sites in Somerset.


Climate Emergency Community Fund allocated to help make the county more climate-resilient.


Somerset Council scored 91% as the top UK council for taking the lead on climate action plans.

Somerset Council collects local traffic data to create an evidence base they can use to inform transport infrastructure planning and develop ways to become a carbon-neutral county.


Our partnership and shared vision

Through uSmart, UrbanTide will continue to provide Somerset Council with the necessary data support to help the organization toward its ambitious carbon-neutral goals.

We are also in the process of developing uMove, which uses AI analysis to predict future traffic trends. This new product will be used to support sustainable infrastructure planning and provide connected mobility recommendations to reduce road emissions further. 

About Somerset Council

Somerset Council is the council in the South West of England and became a combined authority in 2023. It is responsible for delivering a range of public services across the county.

uSmart will provide the Somerset Council Traffic Data Store, which involves storing and integrating road traffic, cycling and air pollution data. 

Sustainable Development Goals


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.


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