The transport sector accounts for a fifth of global CO2 emissions. Increasing active travel across our communities can cut global fuel consumption by as much as 25%.



Cycling Scotland manages an extensive network of automatic cycle counters that enable them to track cycling activity and modal share throughout Scotland.

The cycle data they collect informs how they support active travel across the country to promote a more sustainable Scotland.

But before working with UrbanTide, Cycling Scotland only had access to its own cycle data. They wanted to see travel data from other organisations to gain a broader, more accurate and holistic real-time view of active travel in Scotland.


In partnership with Cycling Scotland, we built the Cycling Open Data portal: a collaborative data source for all national cycling data in one place.

We worked with local authorities and their transport partners to integrate and standardise their transport-monitoring data and provide it as a single source. 

This data is now readily available as open and shared data through the platform. Cycle Scotland also has access to bespoke real-time data visualisations that they use to inform the wider strategy of the Active Travel Agenda across Scotland. 



We integrate real-time data from nearly 917 cycle sensors across Scotland, collecting 100,000+ records per day. Our pipelines standardise and continuously verify the data to ensure Cycling Scotland always has an up-to-date view across the entire network.


We currently collaborate with 20 public and private sector partners to collect real-time cycling data. We’re making this data available for the first time by bringing these organisations together. As our partnerships grow, we'll continue to add new data. 


During the pandemic, the Cycling Open Data portal recorded a 47% increase in measured cycling rates. This was recorded by the extensive National Monitoring Framework of real-time sensors across the country.

By integrating cycle data from multiple transport partners across the country, Cycling Scotland could gain a more accurate, real-time understanding of active travel across Scotland. 


Our partnership vision

Our vision for the Cycling Open Data portal is to become Scotland's go-to single source for all active travel data. We continue to facilitate cross-sector partnerships that will improve active travel infrastructure across the country.

We are also developing uMove, which uses enhanced AI analysis to identify and predict future active travel trends. This new product will support infrastructure planning and provide connected mobility recommendations for communities across Scotland.

About Cycling Scotland

Cycling Scotland is the nation’s cycling charity. Working with others, they get more people cycling, more safely and easily in a better environment.

They promote a sustainable, inclusive and healthy Scotland where anyone, anywhere can enjoy all the benefits of cycling.

Sustainable Development Goals


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.


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