Fossil fuels still supply around 80% of the world’s energy. To reach net zero by 2050, we must accelerate the complete transformation of our energy systems.



As part of the Energy Revolution Integration Service (ERIS), Energy Systems Catapult supports clean energy innovators to rapidly design, market-test and launch new energy technologies that will help transform the UK’s energy systems. 

They needed a platform that would allow them to provide a real-world testing environment where they could gather vast amounts of energy data in real-time.

The data also had to be standardised and easily sharable so that any insights could be easily used to inform and drive innovation. 



Using the uSmart Data Innovation Platform, Energy Systems Catapult can share a multitude of data from across its portfolio of innovation projects (e.g. Living Lab and the large-scale Electrification of Heat Challenge).

uSmart collects billions of rows of energy data from smart meters and IoT devices across the country, making it available on uSmart as open and shared data. This gives uSmart users access to real-time and historical energy data that they can use to drive innovation while AI algorithms predict future use trends.



Billions of data rows are collected and shared via the uSmart platform.


Over 1,000 businesses currently have access to uSmart energy data platform.

15 mins

Real-time energy data is collected in 15-minute intervals to ensure accuracy.

By unlocking energy data from across its portfolio of clean energy innovation projects, Energy Systems Catapult can help UK businesses identify and capture opportunities for clean energy growth.


Our partnership and shared vision

Our vision for the uSmart and Energy Systems Catapult partnership is to continue facilitating large-scale energy data access that will accelerate crucial innovations in the UK’s clean energy technology space.

We are currently supporting Energy Systems Catapult in the Electrification of Heat Demonstration Project. This project aims to confirm the feasibility of a large-scale roll-out of heat pumps in Great Britain by installing the low carbon technology across the UK. 

About Energy Systems Catapult

The UK government established Energy Systems Catapult in 2013 as an independent not-for-profit entity to accelerate the transformation of the UK’s energy systems. 

Energy Systems Catapult helps clean companies flourish in the net zero future by providing a national capability to test and demonstrate new market arrangements, policies and regulations with real consumers.

Sustainable Development Goals


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.


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