Household energy use still accounts for 28% of global CO2 emissions. By better understanding how we use energy within the home, we can find ways to reduce consumption.



Smartline brings together researchers, organisations and businesses to build a deeper understanding of the different challenges people face linked to health and wellbeing and how technology can be used to overcome them.

Smartline understood the value of doing research in real-life settings to achieve its goals. They needed a way of gathering accurate live data about how people in Cornwall live in and use their homes.


Through uSmart, UrbanTide was able to provide Smartline with a big data insights platform that integrates real-time IoT data from 290 homes across the Cornwall region. 

By making this data available, Smartline and their partnering organisations could generate invaluable data insights that could be used as a base for targeted education campaigns to decrease energy use and make positive interventions to support healthy living. 



The number of households who took part in the project, voluntarily implimenting IoT sensors within their homes.


300,000 data points were gathered every day on temperature, electricity, humidity, gas, water, and through resident surveys.


Potential reduction in property repair costs resulted in a 600% return on investment for housing organisations.

By tracking real-time household data, Smartline can target education campaigns & innovations that decrease energy use and promote healthy living.


Our partnership and shared vision

Working with Smartline, our intention is to normalise the use of real-life data in decision-making for housing organizations and their energy partners.

With many challenges on the horizon for the housing sector, gathering reliable data on how people use their homes will be critical to enabling research in this area. Through research and technological innovation, we can find solutions that save energy and improve household living conditions.

About the Smartline programme

Smartline is a collaborative research and innovation project exploring how everyday technology can help people in Cornwall live healthier, happier and more connected lives.

Part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Smartline is led by the University of Exeter in partnership with Coastline Housing, Cornwall Council, South West Academic Health Science Network (SWAHSN) and Volunteer Cornwall.



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