Edinburgh continues to iterate, and then iterate again...
A key design principle highlighted by the Government Digital Service is to 'iterate and iterate again'.

October 29, 2014


"The best way to build effective services is to start small and iterate wildly. Release Minimum Viable Products early, test them with real users, move from Alpha to Beta to Launch adding features and refinements based on feedback from real users.

Iteration reduces risk. It makes big failures unlikely and turns small failures into lessons. This avoids the 200 page spec document which can turn into a bottleneck. This, again, is the core advantage of digital: we’re not building bridges — things can be undone."

EdinburghApps is a great example of this design principle in action within an innovative local authority and Pippa Gardner from UrbanTide was delighted to be invited to judge the range of high-quality entrants at this year's event.

There is a detailed write up of city innovators going head to head in this year's challenge and one of the critical benefits of the way EdinburghApps run these events is that the winners get the opportunity to work with the City Council going forward - innovating and iterating together.  

The trophies were nice but that spirit of partnership could prove priceless.  Well done to everyone involved and long may the iteration continue.

For more information on the competition and details of the winners and entries, please visit Edinburgh Apps.



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