Engage - invest – Exploit (EiE) or Enjoyable - interactive - Experience (EiE).
Just three little words but a hugely powerful and worthwhile programme!

September 21, 2015


It was a pleasure to be involved in the cohort for EiE 2015 and to have now had time to reflect on everything since the high of that exhilarating 1-minute pitch to over 700 people in the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh on Thursday 14th May 2015.

It got me thinking - what three little words would I use to describe the process? 

So, EiE 2015 for me as the CEO of a young technology SME in Scotland can be described as follows: 

Enjoyable - interactive - Experience (EiE)


I came home from the final event with an absolute skip in my step. The buzz in the room throughout the whole day at EiE 2015 had been palpable.  You know the noise of people chatting that you hear (usually in the kitchen) at a really good house-party? That one.

It is one of my favourite sounds in the world and it was like that from 8am in the morning (within the room with all our networking stands) through to the end of the Gala Dinner in the Main Hall.  EiE had brought the right group of interesting (and interested) people together and there was no shortage of chat going on.


I learned a lot and have started some really supportive friendships - both with my colleagues in the process and some of the facilitators and organisers.  The sessions with Synchroni were stand-out for me.  Small groups so that you didn't feel too exposed and had the chance to really start to get to know each other over the sessions.  Enough challenge, input and honesty so that you had the opportunity to take on board constructive feedback and really develop your pitch. It was interactive from start to finish.


I was pretty new to the whole investment dance so I was like a sponge, making sure that I soaked it all in as much as possible.  It felt like a whole new world at the beginning and now just feels like one that I am delighted to be a part of.  The experience has made me want to continue to learn and get more involved in the investment process so that I can help drive our business forward.

We feel that we have just started on the process... but what a start we have been given. 

Thank you Informatics Ventures. Thank you EiE2015.

However, the process is one thing but what about the outcome? 

Well, that is still too early to judge but the follow-up signs are extremely positive. I will come back to that with more information in the very near future.  

And I am already looking forward to EiE 2016. 

See you there.


Pippa Gardner, CEO of UrbanTide delivering 1-minute pitch at EiE 2015.


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