The Power of Data Science in the Health and Care Sector.
The University of Strathclyde and UrbanTide, with an advisory team including members from FlyingBinary, NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and the Digital Health Institute (DHI), set out to develop a Massive-Open-Online-Course (MOOC) and Online Training course combination.

September 20, 2017


The courses provide health and care practitioners, project and change managers with an excellent opportunity to learn more about the value of data, data governance and its requirements. Also, exploring how data can be used to inform advanced technologies such as precision medicine or stratified healthcare.

The Data Lab funding call

The courses above were developed in response to a Funding Call from The DataLab which is one of eight Innovation Centres in Scotland. DataLab is focused on generating significant economic, scientific and social value from data science.

 “To achieve The DataLab’s vision to showcase Scotland as an international leader in Data Science, we are looking to fund the development of online courses which contribute to the requirement for more flexible high-quality data science training and education.  These may take the form of MOOCs or closed application online courses.”

— The DataLab

30% of the entire world’s stored data is generated in the healthcare industry alone

This trove of data has obvious clinical, financial, and operational value for the healthcare industry worth more than $300 billion annually in reduced costs alone (McKinsey).

The Power of Data Science in the Health and Care Sector course combination will equip learners within the health and care sector (health boards, local authorities and the third sector associates) with the knowledge and the ability to understand the value of data, and how to use data to develop new services and influence strategies, budget decisions and future policies.

The course is primarily aimed at front line, middle and senior management staff in the health and care sector. We welcome anyone to attend who are interested in the health and care sector and data science. Including, those within the ecosystem that have a common interest such as charities, academics and industry suppliers of services and systems to health and care sector.

“Teaching the right data science skills to frontline staff, middle and senior management is absolutely critical to prepare organisations to solve future problems, to increase their knowledge, unlock potential benefits within their organisations - multiplying the impact and enabling transformative change.
According to our experience the most positive impact on the bottom line of an organisation can be achieved through giving the right data science skills and training to this cohort and enabling data scientists and data literate middle and senior management staff to collaborate more effectively, and in this case 1+1 truly becomes 11 due to the unparalleled multiplier effect we have witnessed and measured over and over again..”

— Professor Jacqui Taylor, CEO Flying Binary

The courses will launch in spring 2018 and will be accessible online for all.  Participants will be encouraged to complete the free MOOC first before progressing to the paid Online Training courses, as the two courses build upon and complement each other.

We will be posting updates regarding the course development and launch, so keep your eyes peeled for more information to come.

Psst! In case you have a cool data science online course in mind that you would like to develop in cooperation with The DataLab check out the latest funding call.


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