We are now Regional Supporters of Open Data Impact Map.
We recently became Regional Supporters of the Open Data Impact Map initiative. What does this mean?

December 6, 2016


We are now part of a network of Regional Supporters, including UNDPOpen Knowledge China and Open North, from over 20 countries who contribute examples and provide ongoing insights based on their work and local expertise.


Why are we committed to the cause? We think it is important to highlight the impact of open data and to showcase organisations that are successfully contributing to the growth of the open data ecosystem. The map was developed to enable governments, researchers and international organisations to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the demand for open data. By mapping the various organisations using open data, we can better recognise, get feedback on, and further develop the most valuable government datasets.

So what is the Open Data Impact Map all about?

The Open Data for Development Network (OD4D) is a public database of organisations that use open government data from around the world.


The map includes organisations (companies, nonprofits, academic institutions and developer groups) that use open government data for advocacy, to develop products and services, improve operations, inform strategy and conduct research.

“The map is made possible by the open data community. It is a collaborative effort that draws on previous studies, examples from an international network of Regional Supporters, an online survey, and research. It is important that other researchers analyze and share data from the map for further insights. ”

— Center for Open Data Enterprise.

The Open Data Impact Map is powered by funding from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), and it is developed and managed by the Center for Open Data Enterprise.


Our role

As a regional contributor, we provide local insights and knowledge about open data use. We add regional open data examples and provide essential context about each use case to make the map a truly global view of the demand for open data.

Don’t be shy!

So in case you know about an organisation using open data in Scotland, or have anything to add to the project, feel free to get in touch with us on or with the team at Open Data Impact Map on


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