Glasgow City Centre District Regeneration Frameworks.
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August 29, 2016


Today marks the day of the launch of - the next phase of Glasgow City Centre District Regeneration Frameworks, which are aiming to make the city centre a more vibrant, playful, cleaner and greener urban environment, to make the city centre more liveable.

The work that is being done is shaped by a number of Glasgow reports including the City Centre Strategy and Action Plan and the City Centre Transport Strategy, both of which were published in 2014.

We are working in partnership with a multidisciplinary team led by MVRDVAustin-Smith:Lord and Space Syntax to design District Regeneration Frameworks for four districts of Glasgow City Centre and create a clear urban structure to realise Glasgow’s economic, cultural and social potential.

Our role is to develop digital tools that enable citizens to contribute their ideas and shape the future of Glasgow. We are also contributing to the project by supporting and highlighting the emerging smart cities standards and trends, gathering international smart cities examples/ best practices and capturing existing smart cities projects within the city - both planned and in development. Our work will build upon the Future City Glasgow Demonstrator and we could leverage our experience of available data and provide support to the team around data collection for the project as well.

During the project, citizens will be engaged in a number of ways online as well as offline. We’ve developed an online survey to allow citizens to share their opinions, experiences and ideas for Glasgow City Centre. This is the first phase of digital engagement and we look forward to working with Wave Particle in the development of some new mapping tools to enable more Glasgow residents to pinpoint exact areas that could be improved. Watch this space…

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity to further develop the potential of Glasgow City Centre on every scale. We will be working with citizens to make the city a vibrant and exciting place to live as well as developing future solutions and creating a plan for the city to adapt and change in response to future challenges.


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