Data sharing just got a whole lot easier.
USMART- our next generation data sharing platform is up and running and ready to support organisations to unlock the value in their data.


Start opening and sharing your data today. 
Publishing open data in USMART is super easy, with a simple-to-use interface so no staff training is required and we can create an online scalable platform for you in minutes. 


Start publishing your data today for FREE

USMART has a pioneering pricing plan. We know that opening up data can be a resource intensive process. With our unique freemium pricing scheme, we want to change this by enabling organisations to begin opening up their data for free.

During our extensive work with the open data community, we have often experienced that one of the biggest barriers for our public sector partners - when it comes to data publishing - is the cost associated with opening up their data sets.

Open data champions find it hard to get organisational buy-in because they can't always provide the business case for open data due to the high cost associated with developing or subscribing to an open data platform.  

We are changing this so that organisations can start publishing their data today, enabled by USMART - an online scalable data sharing platform with a growing community of data re-users.



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