USMART enables you to integrate, analyse
and ultimately open up your data


Super Simple

The super simple workflow means you can start publishing today.
Simple to use interface with no staff training required.

Super Secure

Integrates leading technologies and manages the data in a secure cloud-hosted environment ensuring integrity and security.

Super Scalable

Future proofed for big data and real-time data. USMART automatically generates APIs and scales them based on demand.


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FREE is for organisations wanting to try out USMART and start their open data journey.

Unlock your data & build smart communities

Public sector

Unlock the full potential of your data, engage with your communities and ultimately save your organisation £100,000’s.


Private sector

Create more value with your data? Realise the growth potential that a data sandbox can bring to your organisation. 


Access, play & work with data in an easy and intuitive way. Have we mentioned already that USMART automatically generates APIs? 



Fully scalable with unlimited file, metadata and API storage
File format agnostic - USMART consumes and publishes any file format
Scalable APIs for developers to directly query the latest version of a dataset
5 user roles with different levels of authorisation
Wizards and helpers that guide you through the process of adding your data
Powerful publication management tools with 3 simple steps to publish your data
Super simple user interface for data providers and data users

USMART is available via the
G-Cloud Framework

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USMART is part of the smart cities toolkit

Our smart cities readiness toolkit is designed to set clear goals and support your digital transformation process. Find out more >>>


At the front-line of digital transformation

When it comes to open data and smart cities UrbanTide talks the talk and walks the walk. We are part of a group of organisations responsible for the development of smart cities in practice, supporting policy making and smart strategies. 

Open data and beyond

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